Google Apps

Does your small business need state-of-the-art office software? Have you been using your current suite of products since 2003, and suddenly discovered that you couldn’t open files sent to you from someone using the latest version? Don’t have the money in the budget to upgrade to the latest version?

Google Apps for Domain might be the solution for you. With products including email, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software, Google Apps allows you to have a modern, constantly updated office software suite that is fully compatible with other office productivity programs.

If you have a small business, the best news if that you can likely use the Google Apps for Domains programs at no charge. If you business is a little larger, you might incur a fee, but one that will be substantially less than what you would pay for for other suites. You will also have the piece of mind of having secure storage of your files “in the cloud” and state-of-the-art spam filtering and protection. You can also transfer your existing files and emails to the Google Apps for Domains products.